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Monday, May 28, 2007
for you!(:
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i olweiz think about yoU dis past few weeks. After i saw those pictures of yours it makes me feel again the tyMz tHat thE twO of us arE together. Honestly i diDn't blame you in oUr brEak-up coz i know that we will end up like this,but still I can't move-on my mind keep saying that i should stop loving you but my heart says that i shouLd waiT unTil i comE bacK their.
What shouLd i do? yOur noT my fiRst boYfriend but for me your my firsT love. I think there ryt that first love nEver dies. Well even though we only last for a year and a half months. I'm still thankful that god givE us the chance tO met each othEr.
Remember the first day thaT we met. you look so scarEd to me coz i want you to take a picture but you refused,haha[; I also remember the tym that you called me "baby'' I was puzzled that tym coz we're not together and you donT even coUrted me bUt still we end up couples. I shouLd say that we are the best couple in ouR room. "take note the word room"..haha[; evEryone toLd us that we look good together and yEah we know that ^__^ I miss the days that you keep tickeling me and whispering to my ear. I felt butterfly in my stomach that days..I felt like in heaven..[;I always wish to god that our relationship were last forever but i know that god have his own reason why he gave this trials to us all i can say to you DHIE that even were not couple anymore.I'm still be here for you no matter what happen and i'm still waiting and hoping that someday we should go back to the day that we're happy.


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