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Thursday, October 18, 2007
first day of being a college student.
first day of being a college student. deym, one on one with my instractor. well, dat's gud for me. hehehe^^, atleast i can focus on my lesson. my four classmate didn't show up. i dont knoe why. maybe dey for got.
anweiz. di naman siya ganun kahirap ewh. coz nandun naman si kuya levz para iguide ako sa campus.. thank god nandun si kuya levz. hehehe^^, bonding tym din un with kuya levz. after the 4hours classes. thank god dismissal na. hehehe^___^ after the class me and kuya levs meet at the bookstore. hehehe. sabay kame uuwi ewh. pero bago umuwi dumaan muna kame sa library and nanghiram ng books and dvd. yeah. can u imagine dat. nanghiram ako ng libro para basahin ko. hahaha^^, first tym un. LOL :p
basta. i'm happy na college na ako. ^__^ woot.


Sandii ♥ 9:07 PM
Friday, October 12, 2007
my roaming is now active. yeeeyyy!!. i'm so happy. my relatives can txt me now for only 1ph.. yeeeyyy. :) but i need to maintain 100ph load balance. darn it!. sike!.

anweiz. we went to chickfil-A. grabe si alex di umalis sa playplace. kakalokang bata. hehehe =)

may nakita akong chucks na low top. deym!!. swear i really want it. it's color yellow. weee. love it. i will get dat soon. hahaha =).


Sandii ♥ 9:49 PM
Thursday, October 11, 2007
i want a guy^^,
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do dey really exist? how i wish^^.
Sandii ♥ 12:34 AM
Wednesday, October 10, 2007
new Look.^^,
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my new hair cut, hehehe^^, i dont knoe kung bagay ba o anoh. heheheXD


Sandii ♥ 2:55 PM
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