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Sunday, December 30, 2007
belated happy merry christmas
hahaha :D sorry i know it was late to post it. but anweiz.. yeah. i'm so happy dat this year christmas turned so very memorable. Last december 24th my family and friends family celebrate christmas eve together. Me, margret, erika and cessa organize the simple christmas party. We had games, the normal games that filipino's most played.:] and i think all the kids enjoyed it. We also had the exchange gift.. and the foods was great too..We also took pictures mawawala ba naman yun. hehehe :]

some of are pictures..

erika, margret, me and cessa

my family :]

dotimas, dingzon, villapaz and me. hahaha:] ako lang kaya ang walang kapatid. ang dami nila margret and cessa
Sandii ♥ 5:14 PM
Saturday, December 8, 2007
ice skating

wwooo.. i had fun today. hehehe^^. nagice skating kame nila ekang. woo..
ang saya kaya. even though i dont knoe how to ice skate. yeah u heard me ryt i dont knoe really. hahaha^^. i'm a loser. :p
anweiz, i enjoyed it thou. next friday daw ulit. yeeyyy..
Sandii ♥ 10:07 PM
Tuesday, December 4, 2007
my christmas list
my Christmas List. I hope someone would give me a present that's on my list. hahaha XD demanding. :]]

1. sony cybershot.
honestly i want the Olympus stylus coz i want the color, it's yellow.
i want to pair it with my laptop,but darn it the olmypus is so expensive..
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2. Nokia 5300
i know dis one is old. but deym i want one of this. i love dis slide-up phone.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

3.Learners permit
For my driving school. i need to take test first. dis what i'll be doing dis xmas break. Take a learners permit and enroll in driving school. ampf!

4. Scarfs
It's freaking cold now so i want scarf. hahaha :]] anybrand. i'm not brand conscious. poor sandy. :p

5. Hollister fleece
woo. I already got an AE fleece. and now i want one for hollister. gahd. hollister clothes are too expensive. so i didn't buy anything in their store. hahaha :]] i'm stingy i knoe. :p
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6. Dress
Any dress is accepted. LOL anybrand is fine with me. :]] even if you bought it on UK. (ukay-ukay)hahaha:]]

7. Of corz money
I'll be hypocrite if i wont say i want money for xmas. hahaha :]]

8. last but not the least i want plane ticket back to the Philippines.
I want to see neil patrick l. fuentes. i want to spend my xmas with him. aww. dis will be the 2nd xmas that we dont spend xmas together.. ahuhuhu :[ i really really miss him.
Sandii ♥ 11:20 PM
Monday, December 3, 2007
lapit na xmas :[
aww. december na. ilang days na lang christmas na. weee. nkakamiss ang simbang gabi.. hayzzz. how i wish na makauwi kame di ba? para masmasaya. hayzz..

ilang days na nga din pala nagiging chessy si patrick. hahaha :]] nkakatuwa na ewan ang loko. weeee. basta alam ko lang marunong xa magselos peo indi lang xa showy. hehehe.
i love him so much
Sandii ♥ 12:07 AM
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