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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
message ni boyfie :">
To: Sandra Marie de Castro Pamatian

At naging part ka ng magulong buhy koh at,
Nag karoon ng kabuluhn ang buhy kong ito, hahaha
Dahil sau, tumino akoh, kaw lang nka pg pbgo skn
Ramdam koh laht ng effort at sacrifice moh
At sana wag mag bgo ung magndang ugali moh,,

mhie, sna poh hndi mag bgo ung nara2mdamn moh skin
san wag ka poh mag sawa na mahalin ang isang tulad koh, khit na minsan nag aawy tau,
isipn nlang ntin na malalagpsan ntin toh,.,
mhie MAG HIHINTAY AKO SAYO khit gano ktagal kakaynin koh, khit gano kahirap titiisin koh, laht ng un magagawa koh kc MAHAL NA MAHAL kta SANDRA MARIE deCASTRO PAMATIAN,

Sana poh mpatwad moh koh sa lahat ng kasalanan koh sau, sa mga pag si2nungaling koh, pero laht poh un pnag sisihan koh,, lalo na ung present na naging kasalanan koh,, sobrang panagsisihan koh un,, kc alm koh kung anoh ung pdeng mwala,,
mhie,, sna poh mag twla ka prin skin, after nun,,
hanggang dito nalng po,, Iloveyou so much poh mhie, ingatz ka lgi,mwaaahh,
Sandii ♥ 6:46 PM
Friday, February 22, 2008
worst nightmare
I don't have any idea how to start this entry. Okei let just start like this,I woke up around 10am because of his text. I called him and start talking to him and saying that I really miss him and vice versa. After that long talk saying i miss u, blah, blah, blah,it suddenly came out on my mouth asking him "did you had any girlfriend aside of me when I'm here?" and he answered me "YES"I was surprised, imagine him cheating on me? damn him!.. I want to feel mad with him,punch him and ask him WHY? but i can't!. The only words that came out on my mouth was GAGO KA! I want to scream out loud until i lose my voice. I want to cry that time,i want to tell him that i hate him. I hate him so much for doing all those things to me. I feel that he didn't appreciate all the things that i have done for the sake of this damn relationship.. It's really unfair. I know that this relationship is hard but if both of you really love each other you will survive to this relationship..

We both cried and he realized how much he love me, i ask him one more thing should i trust you again? isn't it hard to trust him again if He himself was the one who cheated on me? he just answered me this just please give me one more chance and i prove it to you, i don't want to promise but I'll try not to hurt you again.

I really don't know now how i would feel. I have so many question but the answer are so few. All i really know is i love him so much and i don't want to lose him.

And I hope this was really a nightmare but it wasn't. It really happened today, but i know it was just a trial again to our relationship.

Sandii ♥ 11:46 AM
Tuesday, February 19, 2008
step up 2 the streets
All hail to step up 2 the streets. It was a great movie. I watched step up 2 earlier with my gf's, and yeah it was an awesome movie. I really love the movie,even the main character change it's still great. You'll feel that you want to dance all night long.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

try to watch it guys. ;) u wont regret it.
Sandii ♥ 12:57 AM
Saturday, February 16, 2008
I'm not feeling well today coz I'm sick flu to be exact.I woke up around quarter to 10, I tried to get up but I just can't. :[ Flu is the common disease as of now *quoted by eiika :D*

here's some flu symptoms that i felt today..

Extreme tiredness
dry cough

Crap!It's been a long time since i had a flu. Hope I can get well soon..
Sandii ♥ 8:55 PM
Thursday, February 14, 2008
I wish you were here to be my Valentine.. :[
I woke up around 8am, I was expecting his text and hell yeah when i saw my cell 0 messages, 0 missed call, as in NAAAHH. Deym!! I was expecting too much from him and so I thought this day will turn out not so special, but i was wrong. He texted me around 10am saying that he's sorry because he didn't text me blah.blah.blah, so i was so mean and i just read his text and didn't answer it. hahaha :] buti nga :p

But i will admit it i was blushing when i read his text.haha :] kalanding bata :D
Back to reality, Sad face of course because Valentine is the day of couples ryt? do u think I'm one of them? not being with your boyfie in the day of valentine? darn it!. It's been 2 effing years since we celebrated the valentine's day together.

Although we're not together, valentine's day must go on so i celebrate my valentine's with my family. We ate at Ruby Tuesday with Alexis my godchild. I was surprised when after we ate mom suddenly ask me this ano binigay sayo ni niel ngayong Valentine's day? and I was like, where the hell that thing came from? haha:] out of the blue she was asking me about neil? deym!. :] and i answered her nag-txt na siya saken binati ako ng happy valentine's tatawag na lang siya bukas. And the conversation ends like that. haha:]

Anweiz, I know that Valentines is not for couples only it's for us to share love to others and spread good cheer. Not just with members of our families and friends but also with others whenever an opportunity to share love comes our way.
Happy Valentine's to all. :]
Sandii ♥ 9:35 PM
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
luho ng mga spoiled brat quoted by erika :]
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

yeah i can't leave without this things..

my lapppy- that's my kuya's birthday present last year.

my ipod- mom's birthday present 2yrs ago.

my digi cam - mom's christmas present last year

my phone- my cousin gave it to me last year..
Sandii ♥ 11:21 PM
Thursday, February 7, 2008
childhood pictures
this is me when i was 8months old. hahaha^^.

1yrs old here^^. at my grandmother's house. nakakatuwa kasi when i was a kid mahilig talaga akong ngumuso. wahaha =)

back when i was in kinder garden. yeah bata pa lang po ako posera na. hahaha^^. and the other one with my mom.

Photobucket Photobucket

i used to be a marjoret way back in elementary days and ballet dancer too. can u imagine dat? me being a ballet dancer. wahahaha ^^. and the other one. that was my graduation picture with my mom.Grade 6. yeah mama's girl:)

me Photobucket

high school days. first pic. 1st yr h.s. I was effing fat. darn it!. next second yr h.s and here dalaga na ako tignan. hahaha^^. anoh ba un. and last 3rd yr tumaba ulit i was 14yrs old der. :[ go ahead and find me :D
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

and this was taken last year my graduation picture. ^^.
Sandii ♥ 10:12 PM
Wednesday, February 6, 2008
Banito Banita..
it's started through online to be specific sa banidad at first i don't know what is a forum. it's kinda difficult for me.duh.. ok sabihin niyo ng tanga pero sorry i don't know it. haha =) but i got used to it though and now I'm addicted with it. banidad is my life now. hahaha :] cheesssyy.. it's been a year i think since i a registered there^^. and yeah it's my first online community.. I meet so many friends there^^. or should i say mga ate and kuya hahaha =) they always there if i need them, they always cheer me up. I'm so thankful that even though u don't know dem in person but just one pm to them nanjan kaagad sila.. :] I really treasured our friendship banidad peepz. And thank you kasi banidad pipz lang talaga ang tumawag saken ng bunso. touch ako promise. hahaha:] drama na naman itoh.

and yeah kuya paulo did this to all banidad addicts..


i really admit it. I'm certified banidad addict :]
Sandii ♥ 9:27 PM
Friday, February 1, 2008
hidden meaningz behind filipino expression..
1.''mwah'' means..i love you

2.''wala lang'' mEans..i miss you

3.''ok ka lng'' means..aNoh ka hiLo?

4.''haY nako'' meaNs..sEryOso akOw

5.''ingaT ka lge'' mEans..i caRe fOr yOu

6.''mzTa na'' mEans..cNong lovE mo?

7.''sEcret'' meaNs..IKAW

8.''aNong pRobLema mO'' mEans..hurT nMan aKow

9.''kaU pa rin bah?'' mEans..akow nMan

10.''grabE ha'' mEans..seLos akow

11.''sh!t'' mEans..akow nMan kasi

12.''iNaantOk na kow'' means..aLa kng kWenta kaUsap

13.''bkiT nMan'' mEans..aLam mO nMn na ikaw lng

14.''nakkaaLiw ka'' means..anG cuTe mO

15.''Ewan'' mEans..oo

16.''gnOon?'' mEans..kapal mo

17.''eH kasi'' mEans..nahihiya akow

18.''tLga lng ha'' mEans..nku boLa

19.''basta'' meaNs..wag knG mkuLit

20.''busY ka?'' meanS..kausapin mO nMan akow

21.''pWede ba'' mEans..mAscuTe nman aKow sa knYa

22.''kaWawA ka nMaN'' mEans..buTi nGa..sAbi kow sau ewh!

23.''suSunOd akow'' means..uMaLis ka na..anG kuLit mo ewh!
Sandii ♥ 11:30 PM
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