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Sunday, March 30, 2008
spring break is over
after i read the my girl and i last thursday morning. i read it AGAIN :D wee. gahd i'm really hook on it!..tsk<3 anweiz, yeah i finished reading it like 3 in the morning.hehe^^. adik eh!. sinusulit ko lang ang spring break and now wala na ppasok na aq bukas!..

anweiz, earlier while chatting with patrick, i felt like he didn't miss me at all, hayzz..parang i expected too much from him and it hurts me for real..and un bigla akong nainis sa kanya! :D yeah sabihin niyo nang maarte peo sorry i just need attention from him :| all i want lang naman kasi is tumawag siya saken, and magsorry :[ but yes! god still loves me hehe:] tumawag nga si patrick and un he apologize and dis tym apology accepted na. haha^^ arte ko eh! den when i said dat he was like Yun yun lang hinihintay ko eh. love you bhabui sweet na eh may bhabui pa. haha :] pero ung voice nia talagang ang saya nung sinabi nia un. haha :] and while me xempre kinikilig.
Sandii ♥ 8:57 PM
Friday, March 28, 2008
short entry :D
long time no blog. haha :] i'm back..i'm just enjoying my 1 week spring break.. hehe^^. of corz with friends.I don't know why i'm so active on candymag ryt now. haha :] and i'm editing my profile there..3 more days left and back to school.. weee.. deym it!..
and i need to attend summer classes too. ahuhu :[ i wish i can enjoy my summer..

* sorry if short lang ung entry ko.. ang tawag jan may ma-entry lang.. hahaha :D *
Sandii ♥ 12:22 AM
Monday, March 24, 2008
it was kinda boring today, coz no school for a week.. And i think we can't go to the movie house to watch shutter this week coz mah friends don't have money and me either.. hahaha :] we're poorita!. :p anweiz, i'm reading again The My Girl and I in Ttalk for the 4th tym :D and I found this line and OMG! it's really hit me..

FAITH IN FATE in tagalog TIWALA SA KAPALARAN and yeah that's true..if we love someone we should trust them with all our hearts..sa tagalog pagmahal mo ang isang tao dapat may tiwala ka sa kanya.. Trust is one of the important foundation in a relationship.. ;)

In the book "letters to my Son" by Kent Nerburn, he says, You don't choose love. Love chooses you. All can really do is accept it for all its misery when it comes into your life. Give it back to the person who brought it alive in you.

-very well said and yeah touching too. i mean when it comes to love we really don't know the real reason why we love them it just happen.

Love is when you don't know why you seem to be attracted to a person. Love has it's own reason and that reason is unknown.
Sandii ♥ 7:53 PM
Friday, March 21, 2008
happy birthday alexis
it's been a long day..i'm so tired, but everybody's happy though..specially da birthday girl..hehe^^.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

alexis blowing her candle..haha^^.with her sissy and at the back with her friend Dohhaaa(dora)..haha^^. dat's so funny coz she's really excited to blow it!and she did it twice. hahaha^^. she was like saying to her dad "again again again" really cute ^___^

to: alexis.

nanang loves you so much. haha^^. specially poppy and nana.. we love yah spoiled brat..
Sandii ♥ 10:35 PM
Thursday, March 20, 2008
yey!.. finally!.. spring break is here... wooohooo no school for 1 week.. yey!! i don't have any plans yet but i think imma gonna spend my 1week at home. poor sandy :[
but imma try to go at dc to see cheery blossom parade..hehe^^. lemme ask my friends first.-__-

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

here's da short info for the cherry blossom parade:

SATURDAY, APRIL 12, 2008 at 10 AM
We invite you to attend one of Washington's most exciting traditions - the Parade of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The Parade steps off at 10:00 AM and marches along historic Constitution Avenue between 7th and 17th Streets, NW.
Sandii ♥ 8:37 PM
Monday, March 17, 2008
weekend galore

- We just went to glen burnie town center and chick fil-a Gahd! I miss milkshake.. hehe^^. it's been like wat?1week since the last tym i had it. :D


- Yeah i got my check card. i already have debit card woohooo.. pwede na ako magshopping.. haha :]
Saturday night we went to baby shower and finally i meet dis girl same age as mine,i've always see her at da church but really i don't know her, but when we've seen each other last saturday we both smile and say hi,finally i got to knoe her. she is Fayee. She's nice, 5yrs na sila dito sa maryland, we talked about school, and etc. after that we've exchange numbers and y.m id..


- Movie Marathon I watched The cutting edge i don't like the first one coz it was old i mean i was like 1yr old when they release this movie.hehe^^. so it was kinda boring i think.-__- The cutting edge 2 gold chuvaness :D i don't know da exact title. hehe^^. and the cutting edge 3 chasing ur dream this two are awesome movies, i really love it. Sweet and kinda drama u know love story chuvaness. hehe^^.

and that's all for my weekend. :p
Sandii ♥ 5:42 PM
Saturday, March 15, 2008
goal for next month
1.ipod touch i really want to buy ipod touch,don't know why but this week I'm so addicted with it and keep looking how much will it cost if I will buy one, i think it will cost $300+.
but next month I'll sure you i already got one of dis.. hehe^^.

indi naman maxadong halata na obsess ako sa ipod touch naun..

2.diet haha^^. i know matagal ko na tong goal.haha peo i can't make it.but now, sure na ako diet na talaga..i'll start with simple diet.
i read an article about how to lose weight in small changes and i think i can make it though. :]

tnx for da link ate mei,helpful talaga siya lola.. ;)

3. and the last one, amma thinking about a surprise birthday party for my friend, guess who?.. haha^^.
Sandii ♥ 11:33 AM
Wednesday, March 12, 2008
2 years..
wow!it's been 2years since i first came here in US. seems like yesterday lang ha!. haha^^.
1year left and uuwi na ako ng pinas.yes!..un ung pinakahihintay ko eh. :p

for that 2years i used to wait a bus, deym that effing bus.. :p coz that the only way para makapunta ako ng school so no choice.

being independent, kasi dito i'm the one whose fixing my sched sa school o kaya ung mga things na kailangan, not like sa pinas my mom is always at my side.

having such a good friend like erika, margret and cessa. gahd! i'm so lucky to have them in my life, they like a sister to me. i love you gurls. haha^^.

Ironing clothes oh gahd! that's the hardest one, at first i'm not used to it pero habang tumatagal natutunan ko naman. hehe^^. ang hirap kaya!

and oh i so love baking, now i know how to bake cake, egg pie, cassava and etc. and yeah sometymz may nagoorder saken. haha^^.

i want to share more pero wala na ako maisip. :] na brain stuck na ako. tell next tym though. ;)
Sandii ♥ 10:15 PM
Tuesday, March 11, 2008
happy 28th monthsary
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Happy Monthsary, wow! it's been 2years and 4months already seems like it was just yesterday. Imagine how long was it:) I'm so thankful to have you on my life. I know that our relationship is hard but i hope we can make through with it.I love you and i always do. Just hold on dhie. I love you panget! :) wanna spend my life with you
Sandii ♥ 5:56 PM
Friday, March 7, 2008
oldie pictures
When i was browsing my aunt profile on friendster i saw her primary picture and OMG it was there family picture..
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I don't have any idea what year it is.hehe^^.
I so miss my grandparents and also uncle bob he's the one who's wearing white and black shirt..he died last may 1,2003 but still i can't get over it. It was just like that i grew up with him he's like a father to me.

This one i was browsing my cousin pictures too on friendster and i saw this pictures also..
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It's funny coz we're so young in this picture.. I'm nothing saying that we're old na, hahaha^^. but i think i was 11 yrs old back den in this picture..

and here's the other one.. :D
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

last 2006, a week before i left phil. haha^^, funny oldie pictures.. and at the same time when i was looking to this pictures i felt sad.. coz i really miss them..

one more year sandy.. and you'll see welcome back Philippines na naman..hehe^^.
Sandii ♥ 11:03 PM
Wednesday, March 5, 2008
birthday blues
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

March 3 Paul's birthday

Happy birthday bheb. hahaha :] sike! hope makaya mo lahat ng trials na dumating sa lyf mo..^^. aja! i'm olweiz here for yah!. ;)

March 6 Iche's sweet 16.

Couz, happy sweet 16.. enjoy ur teenage life..wish you more boyfie to come..mwah..yabzu..

March 9 eriko's birthday

Hey gurl, happy birthday, it's been a long time since we meet.. i miss yah!. be gud to ur mom..

March 16 ate Tina's birthday

ate, happy birthday matanda ka na!. haha:] yngatz lagi. tnx sa lahat :p missyah!..

March 18 tita onat

Ta Onat, happy birthday. wish more fafa to come.. :] namiss ko na magparelax ng hair sau..

March 21 Alexis 2nd birthday

Alexis, happy birthday, stay naughty!Nang-Nang, poppy and nana loves you so much.. spoiled brat!. hahaha :]

March 31 Erika's birthday

Happy 15th birthday aika!.. hinay-hinay sa pagibig. sasabunutan kita jan eh. hahaha:] yabzu!..

To all who will celebrate their birthday this month happy birthday guys..
Wish you all more birthday to come..
Sandii ♥ 8:32 PM
Tuesday, March 4, 2008
bunso Ü
kuya paulo of banidad, did this for me. ayeeii! he really loves his bunso. hehe^^.
tnx kuya pau for doing this banner [i think.] lol.. i really love it.. Awesome work!..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Sandii ♥ 10:55 PM
Monday, March 3, 2008
Buhay America
Akala ng mga tao na nasa Pilipinas
nasa America ka akala nila madami ka ng
pera. Ang totoo, madami
kang utang, dahil credit card lahat ang
gamit mo sa pagbili mo ng mga gamit mo.
Kailangan mo gumamit ng credit card
magka-credit history ka,
kase pag hindi ka umutang o wala kang
utang, hindi ka pagkakatiwalaan ng mga
kano . Pag wala kang credit card, ibig
sabihin wala kang kapasidad magbayad.

Akala nila mayaman ka na kase may kotse
ka na. Ang totoo, kapag hindi ka bumili
ng kotse sa America
maglalakad ka ng milya-milya sa ilalim
ng init ng araw o kaya sa snow. Walang
jeepney, tricycle o padyak sa
America ..

Akala nila masarap ang buhay dito sa
America . Ang totoo, puro ka trabaho
kase pag di ka nagtrabaho, wala kang
pangbayad ng bills mo sa kotse, credit
card, ilaw, tubig, insurance, bahay at
iba pa. Hindi ka na pwedeng tumambay sa
kapitbahay kase busy din sila
maghanap buhay pangbayad ng bills nila.

Akala nila masaya ka kase nagpadala ka
ng picture mo sa Disneyland, Seaworld,
Six Flags, Universal Studios at iba
pang attractions. Ang totoo, kailangan
mo ngumiti kase nagbayad ka ng $70+
makarating ka dun, kailangan mo na
ang 10 hours na sweldo mong
pinangbayad sa ticket.

Akala nila malaki na ang kinikita mo
kase dolyar na sweldo mo. Ang totoo,
malaki pagpinalit mo ng peso, pero
dolyar din ang gastos mo sa America.
Ibig sabihin ang dolyar mong kinita sa
presyong dolyar mo din gagastusin.
Ang P15.00 na sardinas sa Pilipinas
$1.00 sa America , ang isang pakete ng
sigarilyo sa pilipinas P40.00, sa
America $ 6.50, ang upa mo sa bahay na
P10,000 sa Pilipinas, sa America

Akala nila buhay milyonaryo ka na kase
ang ganda ng bahay at kotse mo. Ang
totoo milyon ang utang mo. Ang bago
kotse 5 taon mong huhulugan. Ang
bahay 30 taon mong huhulugan. Ibig
sabihin, alipin ka ng bahay at kotse

Madaming naghahangad na makarating sa
America . Lalo na mga nurses at mga
guro, mahirap maging normal na
manggagawa sa Pilipinas. Madalas pagod
ka sa trabaho. Pag dating ng sweldo mo,
kulang pa sa pagkain mo. Pero ganun
din sa ibang bansa katulad ng America .
Hindi ibig sabihin dolyar na ang
sweldo mo, yayaman ka na, kailangan mo
ding magbanat ng buto para mabuhay ka
ibang bansa.

totoo yan..sana mabasa ng mga relatives ko sa pinas. HAHA :) para indi hingi ng hingi ..
Sandii ♥ 4:35 PM
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