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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
A Month entry
Many things happened this month, First- I pass all my summer courses.. yey! (: which I'm really thankful to my teachers that they pass me.. ahaha:))
Second- Oklahoma Vacation was sooooo fun, I really enjoyed it!.. 2 weeks, oklahoma vacation is not enough for me.. It's really a short time. Men! how i wish i could stay longer there. We went to will rogers house. He's a old cowboy which birthplace is in Oologah OK. His house utensils is antiques. Which are awesome!.. and yeah, we watched Zachary's soccer game.. God! He is a really good soccer player.. haha:)) i was amazed on his game.. dang it!..How i wish i can watch him play again ):

Third- School started yesterday. Everything turns well, except on one thing.. The freaking bus didn't show up again.. And so i need to change my schedule so that i can catch the bus in the afternoon.. Prof are great i guess:-/
PSY- not bad but i assure you guys it's hard, First day of class term project agad!.. ahuhu :(
ENG- the professor is senior citizen. LOL :p but I'm glad Ekang was there..FYI! Were classmates..haha (naks special mention ka kang.. LOL )
And the other subjects were neat and cool ;)
Fourth- I'm craving on Twilight.. dang it!.. it's driving me crazy.. haha:)) i sooo love that freaking book and also EDWARD and BELLA.. I'm almost done reading it. Can't wait to see it on theater.
Next Target: NEW MOON *smug*
Sandii ♥ 10:02 PM
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