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Sunday, October 26, 2008
Don't know how to start this. *inhale exhale* LOL :p

Ok, Tyler Scott Hoover is the guy that i'm in-love with. Everybody should know that by now:p Awneiz, How the heck I'll start this entry. Let just say that Me and My boo had a misunderstanding earlier today. Or let just say that i messed with him AGAIN! Though i didn't notice that I'd already hurting him that time. I don't know why i keep tellin him about my ex guy friend if i know that he'll get jealous with him. Stupid me! and yeah that's how we had a misunderstanding today.


Sorry again, i know i keep saying that to you but this time i really mean it. Sorry if I'm hurtin you. Sorry if I'm being indecisive. Sorry if your girlfriend is soooooooooooo childish and immature.I sounds like a broken record. :p LOL. Boo, I don't love him anymore. Nothin to be worry about him. Your my Life NOW. Your my world.You complete me!You give everything that i wouldn't expect that someone will give to me.Sexii Love, you just don't have any idea how you makes me happy every time I'm with you. I can't breath when I'm with you boo. I feel like I'm always safe whenever I'm with you. You just don't know how much i love you.I love you more than anything else in this world.So puh-lees boo, don't think about him anymore his my past and You are My future. I love you soooo much. So lucky to have a guy like you in my life.

With Love;
Your Sandii Boo(:
Sandii ♥ 10:59 PM
Friends No matter what.
This day is sooo weird and many emotions that i feel.

First, the issues between me and my friends. I've already notice that i'm losing communication with them because I'm always with my boyfriend. I feel sooooo guilty. I know i shouldn't did that. They are my friends no matter what.I love 'em so much that's why it hurts me whenever they're mad or upset with me. Sorry guys if you feel like i'm takin u for granted thou i know in my heart that never happened nor will happen. Love you Ekang, Margret and Princess.INDEED!. Thank you for givin me advice and always remindin me on everything that i am doin.
Sandii ♥ 10:48 PM
Saturday, October 18, 2008
Long Time No Entry
It's been a while since i updated my blog. I miss my blog so badly.
Anyways, many things happened for the past few months.
I'm sooo busy with my school stuffs and busy with my new BBoy-friend. :p
i don't wanna say anything about my past love life anymore. LOL -MEAN-
But yeah I am happy and contented now.
Don't wanna ask for more.
Having him in my life is enough.
Sandii ♥ 12:46 PM
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